Launch of the TRC20 Base-X token, which will serve as a technological extension for Basecoin

Dear enthusiasts, investors and friends of the Basecoin family.
Today, we have started a novelty in Basecoin’s set of strategies; we are launching on this date the BASE-X — Token created on the Tron network in TRC20 format with BXB symbol and issued under the contract: TWNyUwaWjpUyhMAght9sJrTQ9DTdy9o9Jx.
Base-X was created for use in traceability with an initial focus on three segments: Food (national and international level), Drinks (national and international level) and Pet (National level).
Base-X will be part of the Basecoin family, strategically created for a new market segment, where we will operate in a controlled manner and under contract with related companies and services.
As part of the proposal, Base-X will initially be traded on JustSwap’s DeFi network; we decided to include the asset as part of the negotiation so that, together with the community and new investors, we can increase investment and funding to create this new segment.
Thinking about the community, and how much help and strength it has made us create this new opportunity, we will do, in a controlled and WITHOUT MANDATORY way, a new Swap giving the opportunity for those who want to start this new journey with us.
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